Would you like to accelerate your learning process?

To talk with someone who has walked the path to financial freedom and understands the challenges along the way?

Would you like to discuss things with someone who is not trying to sell you financial product?

Well, my low cost, high impact solution is The Escape Manual.

You can think of The Escape Manual as the detailed “how to” guide to your personal finances. The Escape Manual explains clearly what you need to know about money management, personal finance and investing.

The financial services industry and the media deluge you with information. Much of it is confusing. Much is scare-mongering, advertising and marketing. The problem is that this leads to information overload.

If more information was the answer all Librarians would be Billionaires. I will help you cut through the noise, make things simpler and help you keep to the right path. I will teach you the pitfalls you need to avoid and help you avoid the obscene costs that you may currently be getting charged.

The Escape Manual is a membership website. So members get the best personal finance content, updated and added to regularly. You can see the topics covered here.

But The Escape Manual is very different from just reading a book or a blog. You get to talk to the author (me), ask questions and experience the benefits of one-on-one coaching.

So it’s much more than a website. It’s a club that includes coaching and community. Subscribers get to ask me questions, suggest topics and talk to me direct. There is also a private Facebook discussion group.

It’s good to talk: people learn best with a mixture of reading, discussion and encouragement.

So membership includes a half hour coaching session when you first join, plus a further session every 3 months (all included in the price).

This opens up some of the benefits of financial coaching to a wider audience at lower cost.

The Escape Manual is an information and coaching service and is not regulated financial advice. I won’t make product recommendations. You stay in charge of your own money and make your own decisions.

The Escape Manual will help you learn how to manage your own money. The earlier you are on your journey, the more value you will get from it.

To join as a subscriber, please email me on Barney@theescapeartist.me

I look forward to speaking with you!

Barney Whiter

Important regulatory notice: I don’t give regulated investment, tax or legal advice. I never try to sell you anything.  I don’t give product recommendations. You have to make your own decisions. In short, its about teaching people to “fish” rather than selling them fish. 

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